Triple Stelvio is also a Charitable Donation!

The Triple Stelvio was born as a challenge and not as a race. OUR most authentic and most important challenge will be to support those who need it most, providing the necessary and indispensable tools to help them face life's REALLY TOUGH uphill climb.

Less fortunate lives that we want to make easier and carefree, precisely via our beloved bikes.


Lar Nossa Senhora Aparecida was created in 1993, and since then the founders have understood that the true meaning of philanthropic work lies in its educational nature. Ricardo and Selma Cocuzzi have thus turned their personal dedication to children into a personal project.

From there, they merged the care and education of young people, guiding them towards the common good. Since childhood, the children are supported with the goal of imparting good physical and mental habits, acquiring personal and social ethical values, and developing various skills that enable them to have an occupation.

During these years of work, over 300 children have been helped through the House's social and sports program.

Lar is much more than just a House; their motto is: "Sport is Life".

Sports activities were, in fact, the means chosen to restore children's self-esteem, to create a sense of group as a common and personal goal.

At present, the Lar di Nossa Senhora Aparecida team participates in both mountain bike and road bike races, in various age groups, both male and female.

With the encouragement of Ricardo and Selma, Lar has achieved impressive results in the sponsored by the Paulista Cycling Federation. Ricardo, who was a Caloi professional cyclist as a young man, is now their coach, although he is still delighted to participate in some races!

Here are some videos released on Brazilian media:

If you also want to help directly, here is their website:

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